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Flex Contracts Review for Busy Legal Departments. 

Special Perk for Contract Nerds Subscribers.


Remote, On-Demand and Instant

Pick a plan and get instant help.

Review and Redlining

CLM Onboarding

Template Cleanup

Reports and Reminders

Repository Management


Pre-paid Plans, No Invoice Anxiety

Our straightforward packages and pricing are budget-friendly for your legal department.

$2,500 - 10 hours + 1 Free Hour. Use in 1 month.

$6,250 - 25 hours + 5 Free Hours. Use in 2 months.

$12,500 - 50 hours + 8 Free Hours. Use in 3 months. 


Service, Not Staffing

No hassle service for you. No interviewing, badging, tagging, IT, security and overhead for you. Just instant help. 

We hire mom and dad lawyers. Flex support for you. Flex work for lawyers. Win-win for the legal community.

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Claim Your
2 FREE Hours!


When we say instant, we mean instant! 

Our straightforward packages and pricing are budget-friendly for your small legal department.
We are the anti-billable hours company so you will never feel the anxiety or fear of the invoice. 

Pick a plan that's right for you, sign up, and you can have contracts relief within 24 hours.
Laptop & Coffee

10 Hours



Min 10 Hours

Use in 1 Month

Image by Bench Accounting

25 Hours


+5 Free Hours

Min 25 Hours

Use in 2 Months

Business Meeting

50 Hours


+8 Free Hours

Min 50 Hours

Use in 3 Months



Fast and efficient commerccontracts drafting, redlining and signing.


Training, internal support and regular maintenance of contracts management software (CLM). 


Repository, playbook and template clean up to facilitate access and transformation. 


CLM or contract management technology sourcing, preparation, implementation and QC.


Liaising with tech vendors to reduce disruption and process shock.

Contract data indexing, migration, augmentation and abstraction for legacy contracts.

Coming Soon

Actionable contract data analytics and reporting for accountability and planning. 

Risk, ROI, forecasting, contracting and post signature performance tracking.

Custom and pre-built reports for accurate business and counterparty profiling. 

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