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Why are you working on a Sunday? Reflections on a healthy work-life balance from a busy week.

This was a hectic week that prompted some reflection on what a healthy work life balance means to me. Work-life balance has started to feel like a buzz word that can easily lose depth. To help myself define this, I called upon one of my favorite pieces of advice. Advice that was scribbled in my sophomore year book by my favorite English teacher, Mr. Blair. “Be like water, go with the flow.”. It’s taken a lot of bumps and bruises from life to apply this simple advice but it’s finally starting to sink in. For me, a healthy work life balance ebbs and flows with the tides of circumstances.

This week, it meant several days working an intense full day, taking a break for an hour and a half to propagate some plants, eat a quick bite, or talk with my grandma on the phone and then jumping back online for a few hours. It meant clocking out at 3:30 on Friday to take my niece and two nephews to this incredibly cool local plant shop Buena Vibra Plant Shop. Check out Natalia Garcia in this CanvasRebel article she’s a badass women entrepreneur who has cultivated a community of woman owned small business’s in the area. She even spent time talking with my niece, who has her own entrepreneurial aspirations in jewelry making, about how she promotes and supports her fellow business owners.

It also meant spending a few hours on a Sunday hanging in a hammock knocking out a little work. Friends who don’t work in a similar industry sometimes give me grief when weeks like this occur. I could feel upset that I am working on a weekend, but I’m honestly not. I understand that this is just a circumstance that requires balance. Next week the balance will flow a little differently. As long as I allow myself to flow with it, and set boundaries that I am comfortable with it feels healthy. I’d be interested to hear how you achieve a healthy work life balance, feel free to share your experience!

Happy Adventures,


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